Job Search Information for Ex-Offenders

Many people with criminal records have very good careers. It may be difficult to search for a job if you have a felony conviction, but it isn’t impossible.

Part of a successful life after incarceration is getting and keeping a good job. Besides getting paid, having a steady job can also give you:

  • An employment history that can help you find even better jobs down the road.
  • A feeling of pride.
  • The time to learn about different ways of thinking and doing things.

There are many programs that help people reenter the workforce after a criminal conviction. One great program is the Federal Bonding Program (FBP), a program that guarantees the job honesty of “at-risk” job seekers to encourage employers to hire former offenders. To get in contact with your State Bonding Coordinator and find a OneStop near you, call1.877.US2.JOBS (1.877.872.5627). You should also be aware of the Clean Slate Program. Check out the websites below to find programs and articles that can help you with your job search.


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